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Sand Flag, Sand Flags, Dune Flags

Sand Flag and Pole Assembly for safe sand dune and outback driving.

Increasingly more important for safe travel throughout the beaches and outback, a "sand flag" or "dune flag" will alert others to your whereabouts and greatly assist in avoiding a collision.

Mandatory on certain 4x4 club trips and highly recommended on most public access beaches and outback tracks.

Yes, we also supply to the mining industry.

Help keep tracks open by acting responsibly and safely. TREAD BRIGHTLY!

Features of our sand flags:

  • The flags are made from high grade, U.V. stable "DayGlo" PVC material and will not rip, tear or fray.
  • The flags are stitched AND glued to the pole
  • The pole is made up of 3 lengths of white 12.5mm fibreglass rod. (Easily remove sections to avoid branches)
  • The pole is easily carried when dismantled.
  • The pole mount itself is small enough to be left on the vehicle permanently.
  • The pole mount uses a standard half inch thread and wingnut to enable you to secure onto any standard sized mounting hole (such as for UHF antenna or spot lights). Should be mounted on the front of the vehicle, and the higher the better.
  • Units have been thoroughly off-road tested.
  • 12 month return to manufacturer warranty offering repair or replacement at our discretion.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These sand flags are not designed to withstand continuous use at speeds over 30 km/hr. They are for off-road use only.

Flag and Pole Specifications:

  • Weight including threaded mount: 820g
  • Total height from base : 2740mm
  • Flag dimensions : 310mm x 200mm (Complies with and exceeds CAMS 2004 safety flag specifications of 600cm²)

Contact us by phone or email for pricing Wholesale enquiries welcome

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